MSH Agency at Salone Del Mobile: New Releases & Fascinating Trends

Every year, design brands from around the world descend upon Milano for Salone del Mobile, one of the most important trade shows for the interior design industry. Set in one of the world’s design capitals, Salone del Mobile doesn’t just exhibit new products – it tells the stories of creation, from concept to the final details of craftsmanship through a series of special events, and it identifies some of the most important trends of the year.

In many cases, these trends often stay for longer, especially when they satisfy both form and function for an impressive number of design-conscious clients. As was the case last year, we were able to walk away with some fascinating insights from Milan’s Design Week.

If in 2016 there was an explosion of vibrant colours and metallic textures (particularly gold and white metals), 2017 is shaping up to be a year of light art. More and more design brands have tapped into the incredible potential of lighting installations, which work not only as functional or decorative lighting, but also as standalone works of design art.

We were, in fact, pleasantly surprised to see so many stunning designs – multiple pendants organised in various shapes and forms were a dominant part at the majority of the stands in Salone del Mobile.

One of our superstar brands, VG New Trend, were amongst the exhibitors who chose to play with light for an absolutely mesmerising effect.

With stands at both Salone del Mobile and the adjacent Euroluce, VG New Trend also introduced new designs and a superb collaboration with Giorgio Ragazzini, renowned interior and furniture designer. The collection is titled Mondrian and it is a cornucopia of style and sophistication, definitely a highlight of Milan’s Design Week overall.

Another spotlight-stealer of both Salone and Euroluce was Officina Luce, another premium Italian brand that we are proud to represent in the UK. Officina Luce have not only developed a gorgeous new collection, they have also added two more service lines due to popular demand and previous project works: contract and design.

Officina Luce also showcased several complimentary pieces of furniture and home décor – images from the stand can be found in the Members Area, so do join to get full and exclusive access to their new designs, including the latest catalogue.

Annibale Colombo has continued developing its brand ethos of blending contemporary designs with traditional craftsmanship, by introducing an outstanding new collection, Nautica. The METTiTUTTO shelf system, created with Stefano Boeri Architects, was the star of the show – its sleek curves and smart storage solution making it eye-candy for many homeowners in search of stylish yet functional shelves.

Ulivi Salotti have also introduced a new collection with trendy finishes in coloured marbles, as well as yellow and blue coloured leathers and furs. Once again standing out as the quintessential interior design brand of Tuscany, Ulivi Salotti have pretty much outdone themselves.

As far as overall trends and styles emerging from Salone del Mobile, we have to reiterate the influence that concept lighting has had on Milan’s Design Week. Concept lighting is basically taking the place of traditional fixtures.

The classics are taking a step back, giving way to contemporary styles and an infusion of new technologies – in wood and metal processing, as well as new eco-friendly materials. In fact, almost all traditionally classic manufacturers have taken a page from brands such as the ones we represent, and are now developing new contemporary styles – Art Deco, Modernism, 60s Minimalism and Hi-Tech in particular.

As far as colours go, Pantone’s Greenery isn’t the only pleasant surprise of 2017. Hues of yellow, amber, mustard, orange, blue, navy, turquoise, royal blue and other similar variations dominated Salone del Mobile’s colour palette. 

Last, but not least, there was also a wonderful infusion of coloured stones in the mix, including marble, onyx and semi-precious stones – once again bringing natural tones into the design conversation.

Needless to say, it looks like Milan has spoken and we are all slowly but surely going back to our natural roots and simplifying the way we look at interior design – removing the excess, no longer sacrificing function for form and yet rediscovering the magic of simplicity. We’re one step closer in our search for perfection in design.

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Case Study: Flawless Italian Lighting in British Interiors


Our agency has a rich history of delivering some of the finest Italian furniture and lighting to eminent design firms and interior projects in the UK. Most notably, we’ve been able to provide great experiences with Officina Luce, one of Italy’s top lighting brands currently making waves on the British Market.

After several residential projects completed with Taylor Howes, we were able to bring some more of Officina Luce’s style and glamour to high-end locations such as Park Crescent and the Langham Hotel in London

Park Crescent, London (Image Courtesy: 1508 London)

Park Crescent, London (Image Courtesy: 1508 London)

As usual, the challenge involved bespoke modifications on existing chandelier models and tight lead times. And, as expected, we are proud to describe these collaborations as highly successful and rewarding, where reputation is concerned.

We worked with 1508 London for their Park Crescent project, specifically the flagship show residence. It is London’s only Royal crescent, and it was designed by iconic architect John Nash. It was recently redesigned to hold twenty ultra-prime luxury apartments, with sizes varying from two to four-bedroom suites. The aesthetic challenge was combining Regency-era architecture with contemporary interiors, which 1508 London executed to perfection.

Park Crescent, London (Image Courtesy: 1508 London)

Park Crescent, London (Image Courtesy: 1508 London)

Adorned with Alexander Calder, Damien Hirst and Salvador Dali artworks in a Frieze-style décor delivery and a superb selection of custom and ready-made furniture pieces from some of the UK’s top manufacturers, the Park Crescent development stretches in front of eight acres of beautiful private residential gardens. It is truly a marvellous new set of luxury homes, adding yet more value to the London estate sector.

1508 London commissioned our agency to facilitate the modification, production and delivery of several Shade chandeliers from Officina Luce. Needless to say, our timely communication with the Italian lighting manufacturer and their exemplary performance allowed us to reach the delivery deadlines.

Park Crescent, London (Image Courtesy: 1508 London)

Park Crescent, London (Image Courtesy: 1508 London)

Another successful collaboration was the Infinity Suite project by Richmond Design International for London’s prestigious Langham Hotel. The Infinity Suite is the Langham’s second largest, and it recently underwent a partial renovation.

The design firm first contacted us on 9th June last year – the order focused on the now iconic Shade chandelier, with minor height modifications, for the front salon.

Infinity Suite, Langham Hotel (Image Courtesy: Richmond Design International)

Infinity Suite, Langham Hotel (Image Courtesy: Richmond Design International)

Deadlines were tight on this one, so we once again teamed up with Officina Luce’s Italian office in order to secure the bespoke chandelier’s timely delivery. The order left the factory on 4th August 2016 – at that time, the whole of Italy was basically shut down for the Ferragosto holiday season.

Officina Luce kept its doors open nonetheless, in order to fulfil the commitment to our client. Given the short time span between the refurbishing and the reopening of the Infinity Suite, Richmond Design International needed an elegant lighting solution that could be impeccably integrated into the new design.

The chandelier came with a stunning satin gold white finish, further adding a stylish contemporary note to a classy and refined Infinity Suite. The results speak for themselves.

We wear our projects as a badge of honour, and we take great pride not only in the brands that we represent in the UK, but also in the quality of our services. We put great value in our ability to provide our clients with a complete experience, from consultancy and material selection, all the way to design modification, manufacture and delivery.

Infinity Suite, Langham Hotel (Image Courtesy: Richmond Design International

Infinity Suite, Langham Hotel (Image Courtesy: Richmond Design International

Most importantly, it’s always a pleasure to provide the best experience when we are supported by stunning, yet time-conscious brands such as Officina Luce.

Following that philosophy, MSH Agency will proudly continue to represent our top Italian brands this year, not only in the UK but also in Milan this April.  Officina Luce will be showcasing their latest designs at Euroluce, Europe’s most prominent lighting exhibition, an event which runs concurrently with Salone del Mobile.

Crea wall lights by Officina Luce at Salone del Mobile 2016 

Crea wall lights by Officina Luce at Salone del Mobile 2016 

Euroluce will cover an impressive exhibition space and will hold some of the leading lighting design brands in the world. The 29th mega lighting fair will feature some of the latest devices for indoor, outdoor and industrial lighting designs currently emerging on the market – it only made sense for Officina Luce to be present once more, and entrance visitors and design professionals with their glamorous and stylish contemporary lights.

A little background: Founded in Tuscany, Italy’s artisanal heart, Officina Luce specialises in decorative light fixtures that offer a contemporary and chic cosmopolitan style. With fast lead times and competitive technologies incorporated into its production process, the Italian lighting manufacturer is well-known for its flawless service and craftsmanship – making Officina Luce perfect for high end projects such as Park Crescent residential commissions and Langham Hotel’s Infinity Suite.

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VG for Valentine's Day: Stunning Faux Florals Celebrating Love

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and for many of us it’s a great opportunity to add an extra dash of romance to our relationships. We get to say “I love you” with hearts and roses and fine chocolate. We get to pamper our soul mates with gifts that make them feel special on a day that is, otherwise, just another day in the year. We celebrate love.

A highlight of every successful Valentine’s Day is, of course, the dinner. Whip out the champagne or special red, the oysters and chocolate covered strawberries. Crank up the love ballads and dim the lights. And flowers. Don’t forget the flowers!

This year we’d like to suggest a stylish, effective and eco-friendly twist: faux flowers. Not the cheap stuff that looks like crinkled paper cut-outs dipped in ink. Go high and classy with VG New Trend and turn this Valentine’s Day into an exquisite moment in time.

Founded in 1991 in beautiful Treviso, a quick drive from Venice, Italy, VG New Trend encompasses all the features that make the city unique and valuable – masters in the art of beautiful things, lovers of architectural proportions, brilliant craftsmen who embrace the diversity of materials and draw inspiration from distant cultures.

VG New Trend rose to fame with their collections of authentic and simply stunning objects, available to interior designers for exclusive projects – always different, never conformist. The brand deals in the kind of ostentatious luxury that never borders on tacky but rather explores the possibilities of decorative design, pleasing all human senses at once.

Table floral decor by VG New Trend - Masha Shapiro Agency.jpg

The true beauty of Italian manufacturing is that it’s passed down from generation to generation – but as time goes by, the objects are redefined through new forms and materials, so that nothing is ever really the same as it was fifty years ago, but it is made with the same love and attention to detail.

The same philosophy goes behind VG New Trend’s treatment of faux florals – a current that has made its way into the world of interior design and is defined by artisanal craft and responsible production. In a world where climate change is real and our impact on our planet is blatant, it’s inspiring to see manufacturers trying to do something about their own production processes.

Instead of cutting flowers down for vanity, we’re invited to use faux florals that can be arranged and rearranged over and over again to suit any occasion. VG New Trend create flowers that look real, with a natural authenticity that is not easy to reproduce.

The brand also specialises in floral arrangements for weddings and special occasions, designing anything from single stems to glorious bouquet and lavish ensembles that bring an entire palace to life.

For Valentine’s Day, we’ve selected some of our favourite faux floral designs – perfect for that table for two. The roses are a common choice – and an elegant one, too, whether it’s a single blossom or one of the signature spheres.

The amaryllis and orchid combinations are also superb, especially when they’re paired with one of VG New Trend’s own vases. You can go small or you can go big, with tall glass and porcelain to support layers upon layers of lilies and Phalaenopsis crowns.

You can even further complement your floral arrangements with elegant candle holders, like the San Marco or Casanova glass arms that can be fitted with red rose spheres.

As an added touch of elegance, you can also complete the table ensemble with some of VG New Trend’s fine tableware – our bet is on the Shell or Ginko plates, perfect for serving strawberries drizzled with dark chocolate and luscious grapes.

And to bring the atmosphere to perfection, enlist the magic of a reed fragrance diffuser like Fragrance Blume, presented in lacquered wood with a chrome finish top – the scents unravel and embrace the room in floral whispers that don’t go unnoticed.

If you’re aiming to prepare that perfect and undoubtedly stylish Valentine’s dinner, this is where you should start. Become a member and gain exclusive access to our catalogues. Explore the multitude of floral arrangements and decorative elements by VG New Trend, and enjoy the option between ready-made and bespoke solutions.

MSH Agency is the representative agency for VG New Trend in the United Kingdom. We specialise in providing high end furniture, lighting and decorative accessories to the interior design sector, with a focus on superb lead times and exceptional quality of both products and services delivered

Ulivi Salotti: An Ode To Leather from Tuscany

As representatives of premium Italian furniture and lighting brands, we often take pride in the services and products that we bring to the United Kingdom. Such is the case of Ulivi Salotti, our “pride, and joy” where leather is concerned.

The Tuscan furniture manufacturer is known around the world as one of the two Italian brands that use vegetable tanned leathers in the production process – it allows the leather on a ready-made product to stay transparent and keep the beauty of its natural veins and patterns.

Some of the leathers used include vegetable tanned half calf skin and cattle hides of European origin, known as Etrusco and Tuscan; chrome tanned bull hides known as Nabuk; and cattle hides with different tanning processes that include aniline tinctures, known as River. They are all part of the Extra Luxury, Top and Premium categories.

The vegetable tanned hides are treated in barrels, with mimosa tree bark or chestnut extracts, giving each skin its unique colour, transparency and natural unevenness of absorption; each skin is Buffered by hand with vegetable and animal oils that enhance the clarity and brilliance.

The Ulivi Family

The Ulivi Family

Ulivi Sealotti was founded in 1972 by the Ulivi family, so we are looking at several full decades rich with tradition and artistry developed within the family business. The company is dedicated to the handcrafted peculiarities that make high-end Italian furniture so precious in this day and age, and it has become a leader in the manufacture of sofas and armchairs worldwide.

Their forty-year-long journey was built on the Tuscan history and appreciation of local traditions and artisans and, most importantly, it turned leather and wood – the two main raw materials used in production – into crucial parts of culture and life for both the company and its consumers.

The beauty of Ulivi Salotti furniture is that it stays loyal to handcrafting methods while constantly evolving the production process with new technologies. The brand is also excellent at refining its designs across decades of activity, keeping up with the times and delivering modern and contemporary collections – timeless and stylish fits for both residential and commercial use.

Ulivi Salotti’s team of designers and manufacturers are often involved in the research process – a company design policy that shows the utmost respect towards the raw materials used and the client’s desire for bespoke options.

The brand puts forward a broad range of eco-friendly products and uses naturally tanned leather, finished with natural oils and waxes in the hand-made padding process. The self-awareness for their responsibility towards consumers and the environment is embedded in the company’s brand ethos, and it is something we are always happy to get behind.

Firmly settled halfway between handcraft and modern industry, Ulivi Salotti’s history shows how Tuscany is truly the land where family traditions passed down from one generation to another produces some of the best manufacturers in the world. If you ever find yourself traveling through Italy and you see those “Zona Artigianale” signs, you will soon come to understand the magnitude of artisanal traditions on the peninsula.

While the production process is sensitive and respectful towards the environment, the prime and rigorously selected skins give each of the Ulivi Salotti furniture collections the character and artisanal quality that makes them so highly appreciated on the interior design market. Most importantly, each of their products comes with a very long life – making for perfect family heirlooms and timeless decors.

With collections like Absolute and Anthology, the brand focuses on warm earthy tones, keeping as much of the natural skin colours as possible. Shades of chocolate, coffee, black, and sienna are predominant on shiny leather surfaces, while the designs are simple, modern and easily adjusted to virtually any house or apartment setting. The occasional baby blue and dark red pop up, as they outline the hide’s overall finish and insert themselves as chic apartment complements.

Cosmopolitan, on the other hand, begins to experiment with lighter shades from the same palette, introducing furs and smooth hides into elegant living room settings, while the soft woods are built into imposing dining tables and chic coffee tables. The collection also presents beautiful ways of dressing up the headboards in fine leather, adding to the overall sense of ultimate comfort in the bedroom.

The My Luxury collection takes Ulivi Salotti’s craftsmanship to another level, as its master designers and artisans begin to experiment with new surfaces and forms. Rounding the corners and executing beautiful collages of different leathers, hides, and woods, the brand manages to masterfully insert dramatic contrasts and various new colour tones into the ambient. The collection adds textile surfaces to headboards, dressers and shelf-system panels – a fresh take on otherwise classic pieces of furniture.

Ulivi Salotti’s creative team also enjoys playing with lighting and accessories – their Mademoiselle lamp is worth noting, along with the Giselle pouf, the Menphis Luxury desk, their shelves and the Infinity line. The constant experimentation and almost-obsessive attention to detail make each piece of furniture into a genuine work of art and design.

If you want to find out more about Ulivi Salotti and their services in the UK, don’t hesitate to get in touch – and don’t forget, they are also masters of bespoke furnishings. You can also have a look at our other brands and even join our Members Area to gain exclusive access to the latest catalogues.

Case Study: Officina Luce for Taylor Howes

You might know by now that we’ve built our reputation as a leading procurement agency for luxury Italian furniture and lighting brands in the UK by constantly pursuing excellence, and by taking on challenges for both ourselves and our clients. We take pride in our services and it’s a pleasure to now be able to publish more detailed accounts of how we perform for our clients.

Our client portfolio consists of new and recurring designers and property developers who appreciate our approach and are always ready to embark on the full customer experience that we provide. One such instance was the project work we did for the British interior design firm Taylor Howes with our eminent lighting brand, Officina Luce.

Founded in Tuscany, Italy’s artisanal heart, Officina Luce specialises in decorative light fixtures that offer a contemporary and chic cosmopolitan style. With fast lead times and competitive technologies incorporated into its production process, the Italian lighting manufacturer is well-known for its flawless service and craftsmanship – making Officina Luce perfect for high end projects such as Taylor Howes’ residential commissions.

With the latter, introducing Officina Luce to their designers wasn’t our initial intention. During a planned suppliers’ meeting with Taylor Howes, we were introducing another brand’s new collection – Daytona by Signorini & Coco, and also updating them on our progress with new products, samples and catalogues. It was then that they noticed that Officina Luce’s stunning lights were a part of our portfolio.


At the time of that particular meeting, Taylor Howes were dealing with a delicate situation, where their initial supplier had been unable to meet the lead times for the showroom apartments that the designers were working on.

They had previously seen the Officina Luce lights at a luxury retailer, so finding out that MSH Agency was the UK representative for the brand was a positive moment in our conversation, as we were able to provide them with direct prices that were well suited for their budgets.


As an agency that provides products and services for the high-end spectrum of the interior design sector, we offer a full experience, from consulting and asking the right questions, to assisting during the selection and custom design process, as well as ensuring the timely production and delivery of each product.

So, we followed our brand ethos and assisted Taylor Howes in choosing and ordering the desired lighting from Officina Luce, and we were determined to further support them in defining the custom measures and meeting the short lead times, as we constantly communicated with the manufacturers in Italy.


We worked with Sr. Designer Magdalena Guenole, providing Taylor Howes with one of Officina Luce’s Flair chandeliers for their project in Curzon Street. We were first approached on 19th July, with a deadline for the third week of September – which was an interesting challenge, given the August holiday shutdown that usually halts Italian production.

However, Officina Luce doesn’t adhere to that particular policy, keeping their factory open even around Christmas. Aside from the short lead time, the budget was also an issue, so we found an elegant solution together with the designer, along with a full redesign of the chandelier’s bracket.


For Taylor HowesDe Vere Gardens project, we worked with Sr. Designer Fru Kamilly on the procurement of two chandeliers (Top and Grace) and a table lamp (also Top). The order was placed on 24th May, and the products were on site on 20th June – once again meeting the tight deadline, the main challenge for the project.

We worked closely with the designer and provided fabric samples in a single day, and we were thoroughly proactive in addressing common problems, such as the length of the floor lamp’s cord length and its colour, while the chandeliers’ weight details were passed on to the installation team swiftly, to allow them time for preparation.


Another great challenge we overcame with Taylor Howes came in the form of One Kensington Gardens, for a showroom apartment. We worked with then Sr. Designer Mavis Chow, who first contacted us on 24th May. The deadline was 24th June – tight, but achievable with an extraordinary brand like Officina Luce.

An order was placed for three chandeliers from the Flair and Bloom collections, and a Flair table lamp. We had to work closely with the Officina Luce design team for this one, in order to create bespoke and smaller versions of the Flair chandeliers, for them to meet the allocated space and weight limits of the specific ceiling areas in the apartment. Drawings and technical sheets were sent in from Tuscany for these pieces, ultimately leading to a flawless execution.


We promised to deliver in a short time, even on the bespoke models, and on budget – we are delighted to say that we kept our promise and Taylor Howes received splendid high-quality lighting for their residential projects, every single time.

From one to multiple projects we’ve done with Taylor Howes, Officina Luce came through in a spectacular fashion – tight deadlines, capricious budgets and complicated layouts did not stop the Italian lighting brands from providing stellar services, from design to production and delivery.

Positive testimonials poured in from residential clients with Officina Luce decorative lighting installed in their homes. After all, a happy client makes a happy designer, and a happy designer is the core of our professional standards. And we are proud, pleased and hopeful to continue being Taylor Howes’ preferred supplier.

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