BORZALINO was founded in 1976, deeply encased in the great artisan tradition that for centuries has made Tuscan furniture production famous to the world.

In line with this heritage BORZALINO have been producing upholstered furniture, design sofas and armchairs with care and passion. They’ve maintained the highest quality standard and the values of passion for a work well done, two core components which are the essence of the genuine “Made in Italy”. The great wealth of knowledge and experience of founder Galeazzo Fedi is now in the hands of his wife Romana, his daughter Cristiana and his grandson Matteo.

BORZALINO is a family-run company, an atelier that manufactures sofas and armchairs, handmade by its master craftsmen, with patience and endless care for the details, to offer their customers some of the most exquisite tailor-made creations. These are designed and produced to provide the highest levels of elegance and comfort.

And by continuing to do so that's why their sofas and armchairs can be found in the most prestigious residences worldwide, as synonyms to quality and exclusivity.

Borzalino DIDEROT sofa via Masha Shapiro Agency UK.jpg