The STV Group has been operating for more than 40 years in the production of screens and services for industrial screen printing, as well as in the processing of metal sheets by photo-etching technology. 
Some years ago, they made a reflection and wondered: since the human senses are stimulated by the things we like, why not make beautiful objects by exploiting the metal’s characteristics? 
The Caino Design brand was born from the will of converting the Italian business into something more, by using the know-how available for the creation of metal design objects “Made in Italy” and aimed at interior designers and architects. 
The use of large yet very thin metal plates and the possibility of hollowing out the surfaces made Caino Design's decorative panels very light and airy, a unique visual and tactile experience. 
By mixing shiny and satin surfaces, representing detailed designs, creating peculiar shapes by playing on the metal’s flexibility, Caino Design started making innovative products now available in catalogue collections and as bespoke sets, on show for the very first time at London’s 100% design 2011.