Dedalo Stone - Bespoke Specialist Finishes in Marble for Luxury Interiors and Property Development

Dedalo Stone


Operating in Carrara since the 1960s and experts in marble interiors of the highest quality.


Founded in 2012 out of a Devoti 3D branch, Dedalo Stone is a historically rich company that offers turnkey services in selected high-end stone interior decorating and the surface industry. Today it is led by its third executive generation, operating in the Carrara fold since the 1960’s.

Two young business minds willed this brand into creation, combining the expressive strength and elegance of marble with contemporary and adaptable designs, on the basis of a technology that they developed and patented. This particular technology makes the products 65% lighter than regularly massive marble of the same shape, allowing for simpler installation and easier logistics.

Well known for its dynamic and sophisticated taste, Dedalo proposes sculptural and engaging forms in order to bring the sumptuous marble into contemporary design, all of them stylishly and entirely Made in Italy.