For Masha Instagram has become the favourite social media platform, followed by Linked In and Pinterest. It has captured the heart of our director - and just about everyone else - almost immediately, since its launch in 2010. At first, Instagram was a fascinating way of connecting with people who shared her hobbies, interests and other tiny but beautiful moments throughout the day. Today, Masha uses Instagram as a visual diary and creative outlet—allowing her to share photographs of places and things she loves most, and foster connections with people she cares about.

“I’ve gone through the many little tricks that could help me get more out of my Instagram account, from general fixes to finer posting solutions meant to make my followers' social experience better. It’s time to get to another chapter of my Instagram journey, by promoting one of the best brand in the world - Made in Italy.”

Welcome to our Instashop! Here we share the detailed information of products featured on our Instagram account. Sizes, prices, and zoom ins on products are published here, once a fortnight.  As this is new to us, any feedback is more than welcome in the comments section of each post! We hope you will enjoy discovering Masha’s curated collection of beautiful furnishings, each of them “Made in Italy”.