Why you don't want to miss Maison&Objet in Paris

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Paris is one of the most romantic and beautiful cities, not only in France but also in the entire world. It is also a home to some of the most iconic names in the interior design industry, like Philippe StarckJean-Louis DeniotGilles & Boissier,  and many others. Everything about French culture and Paris in general just oozes charm, suave, sophistication, and style. For anybody in the interior design industry or anybody who happens to be even remotely interested in interior design, Maison & Objet trade fair needs no introduction. For designers from all corners of the world, Maison & Objet is considered one of the most relevant and important, can’t-miss trade show of the year. One of the main things that have helped this event to become so incredibly popular with each passing year is the fact that it doesn’t try to be pretentious or over indulgent. The show instead offers fantastic products for reasonable and affordable prices. Thus, whether you are an interior designer, whether you’re a decorator, a retailer, or even just a fan of interior decor and design in general, make sure that you keep January 18 - 22 and September 6 - 10 free in your diaries for 2019, as those are the dates in which the events will be held next year. Still not sure? You’ll soon change your mind once you’ve read a few examples of why you won’t want to miss 2019’s Maison & Objet trade events in Paris. 

You can meet new contacts, and network

The great thing about trade fairs is the fact that they allow you to mingle with like-minded individuals with similar tastes and preferences to your own, providing the perfect opportunity for M&O guests to meet new contacts and do a spot of networking. As an example, if you’re a retailer looking for products to stock, you will be spoilt for choice at the Maison & Objet as there will be suppliers and manufacturers all around you. If you provide interior design and decor services, again, each new person you encounter could be a potential customer. These events are ideal as you not only drum up business and contacts, you also get to learn from others and perhaps even pick up ideas and inspiration along the way. 

It is one of the biggest interior design events in the world 

As mentioned before, Maison & Objet is one of the largest interior design events in the world, considered by many, to be even more popular and eagerly anticipated than iSaloni in Milan. At these events, you will find product after product, exhibit after exhibit, and expert after expert, all of which may become highly beneficial for you and your business in general. Whether it’s home decor, business, commercial, outdoor, or anything else, you can almost guarantee that you’ll be spoilt for choice, no matter who or what you may be looking for.

It is in Paris! 

Finally, as if all of the above wasn’t enough to ensure you don’t miss this year’s events, how about the fact that the events are being held in Paris?! Paris is one of the most elegant cities in the world, offering you the chance to see some of the world’s most iconic landmarks of history and architecture, whilst sampling some of the finest cuisines in the world. When you aren’t busy marvelling at the spectacle that is the Maison & Objet, the city of Paris itself will certainly have plenty to keep you busy and entertained. 

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