Interiors Advent Calendar - 10th December

Christmas is getting closer each day, and maybe there’s some shopping frenzy creeping up on us as well. To counteract that anxiousness and keep our Christmas shopping fun and fabulous, we’re continuing our Interiors Advent Calendar with a selection of carefully handpicked interiors objects for the design lover in you.

For our tenth day of December, we’re looking at Loro Piana, the Italian luxury goods brand that never compromises on quality when delivering excellent products with stylish designs. Our choice of Loro Piana comes in the form of absolutely gorgeous blankets – fine cashmere decorative elements to snuggle under for that Netflix and eggnog marathon on Christmas Day!

With a stunning variety of patterns and plush textures such as Orylag©, Loro Piana makes gift-giving seem like an art. Try the Caccia a Norfolk or the Megève blankets, for example – one is vibrant and colourful and full of stories, while the other is the epitome of winter comfort.

Head on over to Loro Piana’s e-shop and browse through a beautiful collection of decorative blankets, winter clothing and accessories – whatever you pick, it will look great under the Christmas tree and it will bring nothing but joy, warmth and comfort to its recipient.

All of the products featured on our annual Interiors Advent Calendar can be seen on our Pinterest board. You can also find inspiration on our Instagram or follow us for regular updates on Twitter, or you can browse our brands for more information and design ideas.