Ineriors Advent Calendar - 20th December

Christmas is officially just around the corner! But our Interiors Advent Calendar won’t end until 25th December, so keep coming back for more interiors products/design suggestions. Every day until Christmas Day we will continue to post one beautiful object for the design lovers out there.

Whether you’re looking to spoil yourself or your loved ones, we have plenty of Christmas shopping inspiration to make the whole experience more pleasant. And so, the twentieth day of December looks at Waterford for unique decorative elements.

This Kylie vase from Waterford’s Fleurology collection designed by Jeff Leatham exclusively for the British brand represents a celebration of fine crystal and floral artistry. It comes from Leatham’s provocative juxtaposition of shapes, angles and geometric precision while using nature’s creations.

This stunning square vase is the perfect statement piece for any modern home, as it defies the traditional perceptions of floral arrangement by scrapping the conventional in favour of the sensational.

Visit the Waterford website for more details and to find out more about this new approach to the concept of floral arrangement and presentation. And come back tomorrow for yet another visual surprise from our Interiors Advent Calendar.

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