Interiors Advent Calendar - 22nd December

With Christmas just a few days away now, the stores are getting insanely busy and stress levels are probably surging for those of you looking for the perfect gifts. We’re pleased to offer yet another superb suggestion today, another beautifully designed object from our Interiors Advent Calendar.

Alexandra Llewellyn Design specialises in stunning and personalised backgammon boards. She’s played the game all her life, and the rattle of dice on large wooden boards often brings back heart-warming memories of time spent with her Egyptian grandfather in Cairo.

The custom boards are made in close conversation with the client – so, if you’re looking for a truly bespoke version, waste no time and engage Ms Llewellyn in conversation in order to create an original way to commemorate memories and life achievements. The company also stocks these superb boards, so chances are you’ll also be able to buy a ready-made backgammon set.

Hand-crafted with much love and attention to detail, these brilliant boards are stylish and colourful, with sensible accents and zero compromise on quality. Visit their website to find out more and buy your own.

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