Interiors Advent Calendar - 5th December

Our fifth day of the Interiors Advent Calendar looks at fine decorative ideas. Just a reminder – we’ll be posting one interior's object every day until Christmas Day, for inspiration and shopping ideas.

Purple is back on the drawing board, and when it comes to decorative evening lights, purple gets the job done and more. This gorgeously simple Mademoiselle floor lamp by Ulivi Salotti is the perfect example.

The metallic legs and the feminine angles complement the lamp’s design and colour – Ulivi Salotti usually focuses its premium brand on fine seating, but it applies the same principles of quality and attention to detail into its occasional lighting as well.

Think of it this way: a warm fireplace, a cup of eggnog and Christmas carols playing in the background, while you sit back and relax with a book beneath the Mademoiselle’s purple skirt light. Sounds good? We thought so.

Find out more about Ulivi Salotti - visit our dedicated Pinterest board for more of their beautiful products.

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