Interiors Advent Calendar - 8th December

Christmas is our favourite time of the year, and as MSH Agency is beautifully growing, we figured it’s time we start celebrating it with style and beautiful designs. So, every day until Christmas Day, we will be posting an interiors object, as part of our first Interiors Advent Calendar.

In anticipation of such a wonderful holiday, we’ve started our shopping list – so for those who have been nice, we’re happy to suggest some splendid gift ideas. Today we’re happy to present this stunning watch by Larsson & Jennings.

Known as one of the top contemporary watch brands worldwide, Larsson & Jennings focus on reimagining the classics, Swiss-made style. The model pictured above is part of the Saxon collection, and it’s a beautifully simple statement.

Visit Larsson & Jennings’ online store for more ideas and inspiration – a stylish watch will always make a wonderful Christmas gift.

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