Interiors Advent Calendar - 11th December

On the eleventh day of our Interiors Advent Calendar, it’s time we look at ways of making the little ones happy, too. For what is Christmas if not the joy and sheer delight of unwrapping presents under the tree—experienced by children and adults alike?

Georg Jensen proposes six beautiful home décor pieces for the kids’ room. The Alfredo Aquamarine set holds six, instantly recognizable creature figurines—the octopus, whale, turtle, dolphin, seal and fish, each lovingly hand-crafted from the smooth oak. The fish is cast in aluminium, as a finishing touch and memorable accent to contrast with the warmth of wood.

Image Courtesy: Georg Jensen

According to Georg Jensen’s design philosophy where the kids’ room is involved, children are born with boundless imagination, and they need toys that will encourage them to further nurture their creativity, and to introduce them to the wonderful possibilities of playtime and storytelling. Alfredo Häberli’s underwater animals were created with this philosophy in mind.

These pieces can be stacked up and arranged in countless ways, giving kids plenty of under-the-sea amusement. Because of the choice of materials and colours, the Aquamarine Set can easily be considered a timeless design, and it will easily outlive the childhood, becoming a family heirloom to remind us of that time of perfect balance between fantasy and reality.

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