Interiors Advent Calendar - 16th of December

Perhaps one of the best ideas for a Christmas gift, the jewellery box is always a wonderful opportunity to experiment with style and design, as almost all such pieces are timeless creations that transcend the temporary sparkle of the winter holidays.

For our sixteenth day of the Interiors Advent Calendar, we’ve turned to Artemest once more, where we discovered the absolutely stunning Gigli Luxury Hinged Box by Bianco Bianchi. It’s the one-of-a-kind work of expert craftsmanship, part of the luxury collection signed by Bianco Bianchi.

Interiors Advent Calendar - Luxury Hinged Jewellery Box by Bianco Bianchi.jpg

A gold-plated bronze hinge keeps the lid attached to the box, whose wrought-iron structure features intricate details—striking elements of artful design, hand-made with small chisels. The lid’s engraved sections reach depths of 3 to 4 millimetres and are filled with inlaid coloured marble slate, the final result being a superb floral pattern.

Interiors Advent Calendar - Gigli Luxury Hinged Box by Bianco Bianchi - Masha Shapiro Agency UK.jpg

The rest of the box is covered in gold leaf, while the interior is lined with black velvet, making this a must-have as a decorative object and absolute show-stopper. 

Interiors Advent Calendar - Gigli Luxury Hinged Box by Bianco Bianchi.jpg

We’re particularly fond of the combination of gold with natural greens and soft whites used on the lid, making the Gigli box a versatile and discreet splash of colour into any interior.

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