Interiors Advent Calendar - 17th of December

As far as the Christmas dinner table is concerned, you can never go wrong with accents of gold and high-quality glass and crystal serveware. Which is why, on the seventeenth day of our Interiors Advent Calendar, we’d like to propose a stunning black and gold contrast setting by VG New Trend.

Interiors Advent Calendar - stunning black and gold contrast setting by VG New Trend via Masha Shapiro Agency UK.jpg

Founded in 1991 in Treviso, just 20 kilometres away from Venice, VG New Trend have made a habit of blending art with design and local artisan traditions in order to deliver stunning and unique pieces of home décor. The brand’s hometown can teach us all about the art of beautiful things, architectural proportions and the use of different materials and multicultural sources of inspiration when it comes to designing the perfect interiors.

Interiors Advent Calendar - stunning black and gold contrast setting by VG New Trend.jpg

True to that ethos, this superb set of black and gold dinner plates is characterised by a modern and elegant design, imbued with the intricate details of centuries’ old craftsmanship. It’s one of our favourite lines of dinnerware currently out there, and almost all of the designers we work with are always happy to add these into their residential and hospitality projects.

Interiors Advent Calendar - VG New Trend Gold dinner set via Masha Shapiro Agency UK.jpg

Defined by a cultured and moderately ostentatious luxury, VG New Trend’s exquisite objects are always authentic and unique, never conformist and always rich in that “je ne sais quoi” that we’re all eager to infuse into our stylish interiors. So, if you’re looking to add that extra dash of fabulous to your dinner table this winter, you might want to start with these beauties. Contact us for catalogues and pricing.

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