Interiors Advent Calendar - 24th December

It’s Christmas Eve, and our Interiors Advent Calendar is slowly, but surely, coming to a gracious end. On the twenty-fourth day, we’ve decided to look at one of our Italian brands for lighting inspiration. As you probably know, there are different types of lights—from the essential to the decorative and, given the festive season, it’s the latter we want to pay attention to.

Officina Luce, revered around the world for their unique decorative lighting fixtures, propose this gorgeous piece, known as the Anima Floor Lamp. As its name so eloquently suggests, the Anima could easily embody the soul of a design-conscious home, where style and practicality converge to offer something truly memorable.

Its main structure is made of walnut, with decorative details in a smooth combination of satin and polished light gold finish, on top of a polished marble base. It features four strip LED lights and fume crystal shades, as it delivers a splendid soft light.

Interiors Advent Calendar - Anima Floor lamp by Officina Luce via Masha Shapiro Agency UK.png

The Anima is perfect for both residential and hospitality settings, and we can safely venture in placing it in an office environment—the end result will always be the same: a stylish, elegant and timeless light with the type of minimalist sophistication that is never easy to accomplish. Watch this short video of Anima pendant and get in touch for catalogues and pricing.

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