Interiors Advent Calendar - 6th December

The sixth day of our Interiors Advent Calendar brings the focus back on our endless aspiration towards the art of living. Beauty and function often come hand in hand, in order for such balance and serenity to be achieved. After all, we all dream of creating the perfect space that we can lose ourselves into, and call home.

Image courtesy: Lalique

Harrods offer a superb piece of art in the form of this Lalique Bacchantes Vase, and we are simply in love with it. Designed by Rene Lalique in 1927, the vase represents his boundless imagination and iconic creative genius.

The vase depicts the young priestesses of Bacchus, the ancient Greek god of wine and what we now refer to as “joie de vivre”. Its beauty and stylish splendour are bound to turn heads wherever this stunning piece is placed.

Image courtesy: Lalique

It’s rendered in sparkling crystal and, despite its modest size, it is guaranteed to make a breath-taking centrepiece or, even better, an astonishing Christmas present. The Lalique Bacchantes vase comes in three sizes and various colours, including the soft orange and the dark, smoky green numbered edition available through Harrods.

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