Autumn in Paris: Maison & Objet, September Edition

Not as crowded and sometimes overwhelming as its fabulous January episode, this year’s Maison & Objet – September edition was a wonderful experience as always, and a great opportunity for design aficionados worldwide to peruse new home collections and interior concepts from the top industry brands. After all, Paris is one of the world’s capitals when it comes to art and design, and the event itself has grown significantly over the last few years.

Maison & Objet now holds three key categories: Maison, which focuses on interior decoration; Objet, which is concept and retail; and Influences, which covers luxury, design, and architecture. It was a marvellous duel of creative minds from both iconic and emerging designers, some of which we were proud to represent. 

Our newest brand, VG New Trend was present at Hall 8, Stand G68 at Maison & Objet, showcasing their newest collection of luxury furniture, accessories, lighting and home décor. Stemming from beautiful Treviso near Venice, VG New Trend is another fine example of Italian artistry and craftsmanship – their creations come from deeply rooted tradition, with modern and contemporary twists, innovation in the use of materials and originality through each shape, particularly through their stunning faux flower arrangements (an interesting new trend we also noticed at the event, and a fabulous application not only to interiors, but also weddings and special occasions). Their M&O stand included some of their ready-made unique products, while the predominant offer revolved around their product implementation via extravagant solutions to architectural elements – wall panels, stairs, banisters, room dividers etc. The brand presented its astonishing potential to shape full residential and commercial projects from top to bottom, and designers reacted accordingly. Never conformist and richly embedded with cultured and moderately ostentatious luxury, VG New Trend managed to capture the hearts of many as they presented their multiple takes on stylishly decorative design.

While we enjoyed networking with fellow industry professionals and proudly representing our own splendid Italian brands, we also took advantage of the slightly more relaxed September atmosphere to explore the trade show, observe the trends and pick out our favourite highlights. As expected, there haven’t been major shifts in the overall interior design tendencies for 2016, but slight variations were present.

Maybe it was due to the summer season and our natural desire to escape the city heat and enjoy a tropical cocktail by the ocean somewhere, or maybe it was just a strain from the original return to nature that was observed as a dominating feature in 2016’s interior design trends, but either way we certainly appreciate the jungle fever – cacti, wild animal prints, palm leaves and bold floral patterns offered feral twists to numerous home décor proposals, particularly in the lounge area. 

As far as the colour palettes go, for everything from hard materials to soft furnishings, the predominant tones were emerald, gold, blue and pink tones. As the interior design market evolves, the primary human need for colour cannot be ignored, and 2016 has so far been extremely generous with both warm and cool notes that complement each setting. Despite the tendency towards a certain neutrality or earthiness of interiors, specific shades of pink, blue and emerald green continue to leave their mark, along with gold accents.

Another dominating feature at M&O16 this autumn was the abundance of metals (gold, brass, nickel), semi-precious stones and fur. When aiming for luxurious designs, many international brands do not shy away from such resources, as their presence automatically exudes sophistication and their incorporation into contemporary layouts denotes a certain degree of elegance that cannot be easily reproduced otherwise. For this round of new designer collections, however, we’ve noticed a lot more of the white metals making their statements as they took over living spaces. Natural brightness through materials isn’t always easy to accomplish, and so we found ourselves impressed by the creative tenacity.

As far as timeless elegance goes in interiors, natural materials are clearly the dominant feature. Younger designers focus more on 3D printing, plexiglass, polyester etc., but ultimately the texture legends remain the bullet points of high-class interiors: wood, marble, and cashmere, to name but a few. Ultimately, nothing defines the sumptuousness of a high-end design better than the fine feel of wood, the cool polished marble surface or the soft touch of extraordinary cashmere at your fingertips. In a world defined by change, evolution, and ephemeral trends, the use of natural materials for interior design seems to outlast everything else.

Overall, the shabby chic is slowly preparing to leave the building, one might say. Contemporary Art Deco has taken centre stage this year, and it’s a trend we see going for a very long time, as it incorporates all of the above into simpler, more sophisticated designs. Rural and African motifs are also slowly retreating, as expected – the current was fantastic while it lasted, and we’ll never say no to a good statement piece from that angle, but ultimately the European values came back into focus this year at Maison & Objet. Raw or colourful ethnic will always have their charm, and designers won’t fully abandon them, but the refined geometry and sophisticated materials will never be overruled. As developers of lavish and cosmopolitan interiors, we will never be able to abandon the classy values of symmetry and transcendence in lines and textures – and this year’s second edition of M&O managed to highlight that very well.

Frankly, we were pleasantly surprised and already gearing up for next year. September is going to be a busy month for us, and given VG New Trend’s pre-eminence at the Paris event, we expect nothing but great things to happen in the near future. We’ll be back with more details regarding the January edition of Maison & Objet closer to the time, but in the meantime, we hope you’ll enjoy our highlights from this weekend gone, better explored on our Pinterest board.