Case Study: Officina Luce for Taylor Howes

You might know by now that we’ve built our reputation as a leading procurement agency for luxury Italian furniture and lighting brands in the UK by constantly pursuing excellence, and by taking on challenges for both ourselves and our clients. We take pride in our services and it’s a pleasure to now be able to publish more detailed accounts of how we perform for our clients.

Our client portfolio consists of new and recurring designers and property developers who appreciate our approach and are always ready to embark on the full customer experience that we provide. One such instance was the project work we did for the British interior design firm Taylor Howes with our eminent lighting brand, Officina Luce.

Founded in Tuscany, Italy’s artisanal heart, Officina Luce specialises in decorative light fixtures that offer a contemporary and chic cosmopolitan style. With fast lead times and competitive technologies incorporated into its production process, the Italian lighting manufacturer is well-known for its flawless service and craftsmanship – making Officina Luce perfect for high end projects such as Taylor Howes’ residential commissions.

With the latter, introducing Officina Luce to their designers wasn’t our initial intention. During a planned suppliers’ meeting with Taylor Howes, we were introducing another brand’s new collection – Daytona by Signorini & Coco, and also updating them on our progress with new products, samples and catalogues. It was then that they noticed that Officina Luce’s stunning lights were a part of our portfolio.


At the time of that particular meeting, Taylor Howes were dealing with a delicate situation, where their initial supplier had been unable to meet the lead times for the showroom apartments that the designers were working on.

They had previously seen the Officina Luce lights at a luxury retailer, so finding out that MSH Agency was the UK representative for the brand was a positive moment in our conversation, as we were able to provide them with direct prices that were well suited for their budgets.


As an agency that provides products and services for the high-end spectrum of the interior design sector, we offer a full experience, from consulting and asking the right questions, to assisting during the selection and custom design process, as well as ensuring the timely production and delivery of each product.

So, we followed our brand ethos and assisted Taylor Howes in choosing and ordering the desired lighting from Officina Luce, and we were determined to further support them in defining the custom measures and meeting the short lead times, as we constantly communicated with the manufacturers in Italy.


We worked with Sr. Designer Magdalena Guenole, providing Taylor Howes with one of Officina Luce’s Flair chandeliers for their project in Curzon Street. We were first approached on 19th July, with a deadline for the third week of September – which was an interesting challenge, given the August holiday shutdown that usually halts Italian production.

However, Officina Luce doesn’t adhere to that particular policy, keeping their factory open even around Christmas. Aside from the short lead time, the budget was also an issue, so we found an elegant solution together with the designer, along with a full redesign of the chandelier’s bracket.


For Taylor HowesDe Vere Gardens project, we worked with Sr. Designer Fru Kamilly on the procurement of two chandeliers (Top and Grace) and a table lamp (also Top). The order was placed on 24th May, and the products were on site on 20th June – once again meeting the tight deadline, the main challenge for the project.

We worked closely with the designer and provided fabric samples in a single day, and we were thoroughly proactive in addressing common problems, such as the length of the floor lamp’s cord length and its colour, while the chandeliers’ weight details were passed on to the installation team swiftly, to allow them time for preparation.


Another great challenge we overcame with Taylor Howes came in the form of One Kensington Gardens, for a showroom apartment. We worked with then Sr. Designer Mavis Chow, who first contacted us on 24th May. The deadline was 24th June – tight, but achievable with an extraordinary brand like Officina Luce.

An order was placed for three chandeliers from the Flair and Bloom collections, and a Flair table lamp. We had to work closely with the Officina Luce design team for this one, in order to create bespoke and smaller versions of the Flair chandeliers, for them to meet the allocated space and weight limits of the specific ceiling areas in the apartment. Drawings and technical sheets were sent in from Tuscany for these pieces, ultimately leading to a flawless execution.


We promised to deliver in a short time, even on the bespoke models, and on budget – we are delighted to say that we kept our promise and Taylor Howes received splendid high-quality lighting for their residential projects, every single time.

From one to multiple projects we’ve done with Taylor Howes, Officina Luce came through in a spectacular fashion – tight deadlines, capricious budgets and complicated layouts did not stop the Italian lighting brands from providing stellar services, from design to production and delivery.

Positive testimonials poured in from residential clients with Officina Luce decorative lighting installed in their homes. After all, a happy client makes a happy designer, and a happy designer is the core of our professional standards. And we are proud, pleased and hopeful to continue being Taylor Howes’ preferred supplier.

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