DECOREX 2016 – Highlights and Trends

With each year gone, DECOREX has been able to withstand the passage of time and continue its mission to not only showcase emerging design brands, but also to predict noteworthy trends as far as interior design and home décor are concerned. Though it does not unravel in the heart of London, by the Chelsea Harbour or the lavish Kensington Gardens, DECOREX is perhaps the most important trade event of the year in the UK. Hundreds of established and emerging manufacturers, designers and artists exhibit their new collections to potential clients and design aficionados. So 2016 has made no exception, as DECOREX introduced an impressive number of new exhibitors and collections – on top of that, we’ve been able to identify some new trends which we are most likely to see more of in 2017.

Metals have become a permanent presence in most interiors. If at first there was a surge of brushed brass and bronze, white metals have now taken centre stage, their smooth and shiny surfaces bringing a cool light to any setting.  Lighting fixtures, fabrics, and furniture accents exhibit most of these features, and we noticed a lot of white metal infusions at multiple stands across DECOREX. A great example of the masterful use of white metals came from Sicis, who’ve recently opened their new showroom in London and showed that they certainly know how to get on top of a trend such as this one.  Whether it’s the natural sense of sophistication or its physical ability to capture light in a particularly enticing manner, the white metal is definitely here to stay as an added touch of luxury.

As expected when they were first introduced in the autumn of 2015, this year’s Pantone colours clearly dominated the interior palette at DECOREX.  A vibrant display of pinks and blues unfolded through fabrics, marble and objects of home décor. In hindsight, we could say that pink has a stronger presence, as it exudes certain joie de vivre not as easily defined by its calmer, cooler counterpart blue.  Mostly present in lighter shades reminiscent of rose petals and early summer sunsets, Pantone colours were given enormous amounts of attention by designers and manufacturers alike.

An exciting feature at DECOREX was the increased use of alabaster – while its natural colour is a very strong yellow, sometimes even orange, its processed shade of white was truly a sight to behold when applied to interiors. It’s much softer as a material to work with, and its sheer grace makes us want to see more of it in fine applications. One of our own brands, Dedalo Stone, recently ventured into its production, combining it with glass for a touch of absolute elegance.  Surfaces should always be granted maximum attention, as they too can tell enchanting stories of refinement and artistry – so the emergence of alabaster on the interior design scene is certainly a trend we’d be happy to get behind.

Officina Coppola presented a stunning range of surfaces for interior applications, in electrifying greys, as well as some downright hypnotic combinations of blue and gold.  When put together in the form of decorative panels, these materials will simply transcend design and transform any space into a genuine work of art.

More and more clients are stepping away from line productions. More and more clients are setting their sights on unique, bespoke and limited edition objects when decorating their homes, their offices or their commercial units and businesses. Nobody wants something that anyone else can have, for the same price and possibly in the same colour.  Our insatiable appetite for individuality has finally broken into our interior design preferences – so ‘bespoke’ has become a trend all by itself.

Many exhibitors at DECOREX mentioned it as a part of their services – working on projects, dealing with the budget, laying down schemes for something that is one-off and not happening again anywhere else. More and more designers, more and more luxury lighting and furniture manufacturers offer custom solutions to their clients, not only eager to please and satisfy this hunger for uniqueness, but also to excel and overcome the constant challenge of not falling in with the rest of the crowd through exceptional designs. We will surely see more of this, as the notion of ‘bespoke’ occupies a larger space in the design landscape with each year that passes.

Where bespoke flooring is concerned, Lemma put on quite the performance, showcasing gorgeous wood sections, beautifully crafted with decorative motifs and fine inlays. Their intricate patterns prove that, once again, surfaces deserve every bit of attention as any other part of a room, as they can simply enchant from the very first step.

Of the many newcomers present this year at DECOREX, we’re keen to mention ArtHide – creators of originally designed and ethically sourced leather products of an ‘heirloom quality’. With an ample collection of lasered, tiled and classic rugs, as well as a stylish palette of hides, cushions, accessories and even furniture, ArtHide brings out the passion of its craftsmen onto the front line, delivering exquisite products that withstand the toughest quality and style tests. As expected, they also offer bespoke services. Let’s just say that we were so impressed with their newest collection that we did some shopping of our own.

Also in the rug department, Riviere brought forth an absolutely superb line of textile products, their beauty making them perfect not only for flooring but also walls. These vibrant neutral gems adorn the room and invite people to simply touch them and experience the finesse in every single thread

Overall, we were pleased with the fair and the copious number of new exhibitors and new products. Lighting played an interesting role across the venue’s dedicated stands, often stopping us in our tracks to admire daring designs and fashionable feats of glass and metal craftsmanship that enveloped hundreds of lightbulbs. The location of the trade show felt like the only daunting aspect, but upon further reflection and remembering Parc des Expositions (Maison & Objet, Paris) or Rho Fiera (Salone del Mobile, Milano), we concluded that we’re doing remarkably well with DECOREX in Syon Park as far as the distance goes. On top of that, their shuttle service initiative certainly helped boost attendance numbers to a new high in 2016.  

We’re now looking forward to visiting our brands exhibiting at the Salone del Mobile at Crocus Expo in Moscow and see what new collections they have from their plethora of luxury designs.