MSH Agency at Salone Del Mobile: New Releases & Fascinating Trends

Every year, design brands from around the world descend upon Milano for Salone del Mobile, one of the most important trade shows for the interior design industry. Set in one of the world’s design capitals, Salone del Mobile doesn’t just exhibit new products – it tells the stories of creation, from concept to the final details of craftsmanship through a series of special events, and it identifies some of the most important trends of the year.

In many cases, these trends often stay for longer, especially when they satisfy both form and function for an impressive number of design-conscious clients. As was the case last year, we were able to walk away with some fascinating insights from Milan’s Design Week.

If in 2016 there was an explosion of vibrant colours and metallic textures (particularly gold and white metals), 2017 is shaping up to be a year of light art. More and more design brands have tapped into the incredible potential of lighting installations, which work not only as functional or decorative lighting, but also as standalone works of design art.

We were, in fact, pleasantly surprised to see so many stunning designs – multiple pendants organised in various shapes and forms were a dominant part at the majority of the stands in Salone del Mobile.

One of our superstar brands, VG New Trend, were amongst the exhibitors who chose to play with light for an absolutely mesmerising effect.

With stands at both Salone del Mobile and the adjacent Euroluce, VG New Trend also introduced new designs and a superb collaboration with Giorgio Ragazzini, renowned interior and furniture designer. The collection is titled Mondrian and it is a cornucopia of style and sophistication, definitely a highlight of Milan’s Design Week overall.

Another spotlight-stealer of both Salone and Euroluce was Officina Luce, another premium Italian brand that we are proud to represent in the UK. Officina Luce have not only developed a gorgeous new collection, they have also added two more service lines due to popular demand and previous project works: contract and design.

Officina Luce also showcased several complimentary pieces of furniture and home décor – images from the stand can be found in the Members Area, so do join to get full and exclusive access to their new designs, including the latest catalogue.

Annibale Colombo has continued developing its brand ethos of blending contemporary designs with traditional craftsmanship, by introducing an outstanding new collection, Nautica. The METTiTUTTO shelf system, created with Stefano Boeri Architects, was the star of the show – its sleek curves and smart storage solution making it eye-candy for many homeowners in search of stylish yet functional shelves.

Ulivi Salotti have also introduced a new collection with trendy finishes in coloured marbles, as well as yellow and blue coloured leathers and furs. Once again standing out as the quintessential interior design brand of Tuscany, Ulivi Salotti have pretty much outdone themselves.

As far as overall trends and styles emerging from Salone del Mobile, we have to reiterate the influence that concept lighting has had on Milan’s Design Week. Concept lighting is basically taking the place of traditional fixtures.

The classics are taking a step back, giving way to contemporary styles and an infusion of new technologies – in wood and metal processing, as well as new eco-friendly materials. In fact, almost all traditionally classic manufacturers have taken a page from brands such as the ones we represent, and are now developing new contemporary styles – Art Deco, Modernism, 60s Minimalism and Hi-Tech in particular.

As far as colours go, Pantone’s Greenery isn’t the only pleasant surprise of 2017. Hues of yellow, amber, mustard, orange, blue, navy, turquoise, royal blue and other similar variations dominated Salone del Mobile’s colour palette. 

Last, but not least, there was also a wonderful infusion of coloured stones in the mix, including marble, onyx and semi-precious stones – once again bringing natural tones into the design conversation.

Needless to say, it looks like Milan has spoken and we are all slowly but surely going back to our natural roots and simplifying the way we look at interior design – removing the excess, no longer sacrificing function for form and yet rediscovering the magic of simplicity. We’re one step closer in our search for perfection in design.

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