VG for Valentine's Day: Stunning Faux Florals Celebrating Love

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and for many of us it’s a great opportunity to add an extra dash of romance to our relationships. We get to say “I love you” with hearts and roses and fine chocolate. We get to pamper our soul mates with gifts that make them feel special on a day that is, otherwise, just another day in the year. We celebrate love.

A highlight of every successful Valentine’s Day is, of course, the dinner. Whip out the champagne or special red, the oysters and chocolate covered strawberries. Crank up the love ballads and dim the lights. And flowers. Don’t forget the flowers!

This year we’d like to suggest a stylish, effective and eco-friendly twist: faux flowers. Not the cheap stuff that looks like crinkled paper cut-outs dipped in ink. Go high and classy with VG New Trend and turn this Valentine’s Day into an exquisite moment in time.

Founded in 1991 in beautiful Treviso, a quick drive from Venice, Italy, VG New Trend encompasses all the features that make the city unique and valuable – masters in the art of beautiful things, lovers of architectural proportions, brilliant craftsmen who embrace the diversity of materials and draw inspiration from distant cultures.

VG New Trend rose to fame with their collections of authentic and simply stunning objects, available to interior designers for exclusive projects – always different, never conformist. The brand deals in the kind of ostentatious luxury that never borders on tacky but rather explores the possibilities of decorative design, pleasing all human senses at once.

Table floral decor by VG New Trend - Masha Shapiro Agency.jpg

The true beauty of Italian manufacturing is that it’s passed down from generation to generation – but as time goes by, the objects are redefined through new forms and materials, so that nothing is ever really the same as it was fifty years ago, but it is made with the same love and attention to detail.

The same philosophy goes behind VG New Trend’s treatment of faux florals – a current that has made its way into the world of interior design and is defined by artisanal craft and responsible production. In a world where climate change is real and our impact on our planet is blatant, it’s inspiring to see manufacturers trying to do something about their own production processes.

Instead of cutting flowers down for vanity, we’re invited to use faux florals that can be arranged and rearranged over and over again to suit any occasion. VG New Trend create flowers that look real, with a natural authenticity that is not easy to reproduce.

The brand also specialises in floral arrangements for weddings and special occasions, designing anything from single stems to glorious bouquet and lavish ensembles that bring an entire palace to life.

For Valentine’s Day, we’ve selected some of our favourite faux floral designs – perfect for that table for two. The roses are a common choice – and an elegant one, too, whether it’s a single blossom or one of the signature spheres.

The amaryllis and orchid combinations are also superb, especially when they’re paired with one of VG New Trend’s own vases. You can go small or you can go big, with tall glass and porcelain to support layers upon layers of lilies and Phalaenopsis crowns.

You can even further complement your floral arrangements with elegant candle holders, like the San Marco or Casanova glass arms that can be fitted with red rose spheres.

As an added touch of elegance, you can also complete the table ensemble with some of VG New Trend’s fine tableware – our bet is on the Shell or Ginko plates, perfect for serving strawberries drizzled with dark chocolate and luscious grapes.

And to bring the atmosphere to perfection, enlist the magic of a reed fragrance diffuser like Fragrance Blume, presented in lacquered wood with a chrome finish top – the scents unravel and embrace the room in floral whispers that don’t go unnoticed.

If you’re aiming to prepare that perfect and undoubtedly stylish Valentine’s dinner, this is where you should start. Become a member and gain exclusive access to our catalogues. Explore the multitude of floral arrangements and decorative elements by VG New Trend, and enjoy the option between ready-made and bespoke solutions.

MSH Agency is the representative agency for VG New Trend in the United Kingdom. We specialise in providing high end furniture, lighting and decorative accessories to the interior design sector, with a focus on superb lead times and exceptional quality of both products and services delivered