Ulivi Salotti at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour

London Design Week has come and gone, as swift and full of wonders as usual! We had the pleasure to admire wonderful new designs at the Design Centre in Chelsea Harbour, and we also got a pretty good feel of this year’s emerging trends in home décor and interior styling.

But perhaps the most beautiful highlight of the week-long event was the Ulivi Salotti talk, generously hosted by Passerini and led by Antonio Bibolini, export manager for the eminent furniture manufacturing brand.

Mr Bibolini presented a superb video introducing the artisanal craftsmanship and impeccable traditions stemming from centuries old Tuscan manufacturing techniques, and took the audience on a fascinating journey through the world of fine leather.

Most of you may already know that Ulivi Salotti are experts in leather furniture – from incredibly comfortable sofas, built layer upon layer of detail and quality, to beds, seats and various surfaces. During the talk, we all had the pleasure to not just look but also feel the different leathers that the Italian brand use for their interior creations.

As previously mentioned in a previous article, Ulivi Salotti are extraordinarily proficient at crafting beautiful, functional and incredibly comfortable furniture. Their attention to detail and love of traditional artisanal techniques set them apart on the high-end market, and they only make their furniture to order.

By establishing a close relationship with their clients, Ulivi Salotti make sure that whatever they manufacture, it goes through a rigorous design and production process. The lead times are good, and very based on the complexity of the order – but one thing is guaranteed; the end result is flawless.

Our clients, both private residents and interior design studios love Ulivi Salotti for this particular reason, so it’s always a pleasure to bring them closer to the Tuscan brand during events like London Design Week.

Watch the video below and immerse yourself in the experience:

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