Salone Del Mobile 2017: Stefano Boeri Architects for Annibale Colombo

The revival of a piece of furniture that is part of the Italian domestic tradition, through the partnership between Annibale Colombo’s company and Architect Stefano Boeri.
Evoking the traditional Italian cupboards, METTITUTTO is a piece of furniture designed to house the number of accessories we carry along with us every day. Objects and tools that need to be gathered in one place when we get back home: keys, gloves, candies, cell phones, chargers, headphones, wallets, glasses, hats, helmets, magazines, parcels, letters, invitations, business cards…
Located at the house entrance, METTITUTTO is a group of different rotating containers with a shelving unit open on both sides and a system of drawers and shelves.
METTITUTTO is produced by Annibale Colombo in a sophisticated combination of wood, glass and leather and it’s available in 3 sizes: h. 190,  h. 150 and  h. 110 cm.

It is possible to personalise the external and internal shell and to choose the glass colouring. The products are available with or without LED light plugged-in within the shell, at shelf level. In the Mettitutto model with LED it is possible to have a USB port, built-in in the wooden shell.

Six different typologies of containers and drawers make the piece of furniture customisable and fitted to meet any need. Each element can be repositioned both at different levels and in each single glass shelf. For each single drawer it is possible to select the accessory which fits its use best. A wide range of accessories for filing and organising little objects is available. There is a set of springs which can be stuck within the glass shelves to hang all kinds of stuff.

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