VG New Trend in Milan: Giorgio Ragazzini and Flower Power

VG New Trend participates in creating very distinct environments, spaces in which you can escape from reality, spaces in which you can breathe and dream. Bringing nature into your home, giving it space in the garden, building a colourful and decorated house, placing brilliant objects in bright lights with a glamorous touch, regaining contact with the authenticity of an object created from a typically Italian concept and culture, a unique mix of furnishings to decorate spaces with a distinct identity, one of a kind, not modern, not classic, yet able to communicate with any style. This year VG New Trend stands in Milan drew inspiration from Nature and Art and were the talk of both Salone del Mobile and Euroluce. Discover the latest collection, materials and colours.

Flower Power

Flower Power is an ode to the spring, an enchanting awakening of nature featuring bright colours and delicate nuances. Flower Power is a triumph of rose-coloured tulips, which illuminates unique and charming environments in a truly original way. This special, fascinating light source, which is exclusively custom made, consists of a large number of artificial tulips, or a choice of other types of flowers all created by VG, in between which Murano glass lamps with LED lighting are harmoniously placed. Flower Power is a ceiling luminaire designed for both domestic environments and contract spaces, to be used either as an ornament or as an efficient light source.


Nature, in its most diverse forms and variations, continues to play a key role for VG. A source of inspiration for the new collection of Cortina small tables is trees, or rather the inner section of tree trunks, the core of the plant. Two round glass surfaces envelop a thin sheet of wood taken from the horizontal cut of a tree trunk, showing the longevity of the plant in all its beauty, to be seen in its many concentric circles. Two different metal structures with a satin gold finish support the tabletop, allowing you to choose between the two different table heights available. Measurements: D85x h 41 cm and D85 x 31 cm

Kidman Easy Chair

Inspired by Moulin Rouge, the musical directed by Baz Luhrmann starring Nicole Kidman, the easy chair extols the bohemian spirit, typified in the four keywords of the feature film – Freedom, Beauty, Truth, Love.
Quirky and whimsical, Moulin Rouge is spectacular stagecraft and surrealism, in keeping with the spirit of Paris of the time – dominated, from a visual point of view, by "Deco" shapes, soft and velvety materials, vibrant colours.
In addition to the easy chair, the Kidman collection designed by Giorgio Ragazzini for VG also includes pouffe and day-bed.

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